Aug. 10th, 2007

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[1] I do not plan on leaving LJ but I made back up journals just in case.

Feel free to add me @
--> so_severus @ GJ
--> so_severus @ IJ
--> so_severus @ JF

I will add everyone who I'm friends w/on LJ.
[2] Again, if you want to be LJ friends please comment here w/how you found me or why we should be lj friends and I'll add you! I looked quickly and saw I'm "friend of" like 60+ people.

If you are looking for my icons and graphics they're posted in full at [ profile] d0rk_icons.
[3] I signed up for another lims :/ Why do I torture myself?! Anyway, sign ups are starting for [ profile] badwolf_lims - it's about Rose from Doctor Who. You can sign up here :)
[4] After weeks I finally finished the requested interest icons... Holy crap. Interest icons are fun but damn. It takes so long to look at profiles and pick an interest or two and then look for pics/download caps... After pic which cap to iconize and then spend time making one. * passes out * Next requests are SO going to be give me a url or text only icons. Unless anyone knows an easier way to go at it. Despite that, I really did enjoy making the icons and love this batch.

Look at all the multifandomness in the PREVIEWS:

145 icons here

Other interests in the batch:
travel/specific countries, corset, that 70s show, whiskey, dexter, dave matthews, ren & stimpy, the sandlot, shane west, loads of more HP, DH quotes (only if you scroll all the way down the entry) and a lot more...


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